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Capstar Reviews

Capstar for Fleas on Dogs

Capstar is a Novartis manufactured oral treatment, which is used to control adult fleas on the dogs. These fast acting formulated tablets starts eliminating fleas in half hour of administration. 100% of fleas are killed within 7 hours. This swift treatment is effective for 24 hours and can be given to the dogs any time you see fleas around. This is a safe to provide tablet for puppies and dogs of 4 weeks of age and above. Capstar is also effective and safe to administer on pregnant and nursing dogs.

Capstar – An instant relief from adult fleas

Capstar consists of Nitenpyram as its active ingredient, which is a neurotoxin. It acts against adult fleas by destroying their central nervous system and disrupting their transmissions. This results in elimination of the fleas on dog’s body. Since these tablets are just effective for a day, the dog gets flea free within a few hours only.

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Top Reviews

awesome results

I have to hide this tablet into my dog’s food because that way he eats it easily. I prefer this product because it shows results in only 30 minutes.

Great product

This oral treatment was very beneficial for my dog. Due to its great quality and affordable prices, it is a perfect product.

Safe to use

I gave Capstar Tablet to my pregnant dog and it is an absolutely safe and effective product to get rid of fleas

Safe to use

I gave Capstar tablet to my pregnant dog and it is an absolutely safe and effective product to use

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