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Cazitel Flavoured Allwormer Reviews

Cazitel Tablets for Dogs

Cazitel flavoired oral treatment for dogs is used in the treatment of 12 species of gastrointestinal worms. These tablets effectively eliminate roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms. Cazitel is quite economical treatment, which is safe to be used on dogs and puppies of all the breeds of at least 2 weeks of age.

Cazitel for Dogs – All Wormer Flavored Tablets

Cazitel all wormer, a broad-spectrum worming treatment is highly effective as it consists of the following active ingredients – Praziquantel, Pyrantel Embonate and Febantel. These all are anthelmintic agents, which produces synergized effects on the dog and kills adult worms and all their immature stages as well. The destruction of the worm eggs controls the formation of new adult worms and thus prevents re-infestations in the dogs.

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Top Reviews

What a deal

Liked the wormer because it effectively treats and eliminates the worms


My dog is safe from worms due to these tabs. Thanks, pet care club for the hassle-free experience.


I was using other product, which seemed was working fine to begin with, however after time, there were no results and my pooches were suffering badly. I switched to Popantel and can find both of them happy and have improved their appetite too.

Ordered recently

Ordered it recently for my dog- he did not have worms now and happy that I got it at best price.