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Activyl Flea Control Spot-On Reviews

Activyl Flea Control Spot-on for Cats

Activyl Spot-on for Cats is an advanced flea control formula with a technique called bio-activation. It is highly effective innovative treatment for controlling flea infestations in cats. Activyl starts working quickly, and kills 90% of fleas within 12 hours of administration. The topical treatment kills 99% of newly arriving fleas within 8 hours for a full month. The topical spot on kills eggs and larvae in the environment and prevents recurring infestation. Activyl Spot-on is recommended for cats and kittens from 8 weeks of age.


Activyl spot on for cats is an advanced formula to eliminate fleas without any possible negative effects in cats. The spot-on solution contains the active ingredient – Indoxacarb, which works using a technology called bio-activation. This process uses natural enzymes inside the flea to activate and produce a substance that interferes with the flea nervous system. Once activated, Activyl will not only kill fleas but also destroy flea life cycle and prevent eggs developing into larvae and controls flea infestation.

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Top Reviews

Advanced flea formula

This advanced flea formula helped me eliminate all fleas that were present in my kitty. Good and effective product.

Totally worth it!

I am using this product for the past 1 year and I never have to worry about my cat getting infested. Activyl does the job like no other product. Recommended!

Activyl works

Activyl is the only flea control product that works well for my cat. Worth buying!

Much better than other topicals

It works. It made the fleas weaker. They were easier to remove. That gives me great pleasure, when our cats don’t have fleas. I recommend using this product on monthly basis.

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