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Best Ways To Calm Your Cat Before And During Vet Visit


It’s like a war between your cat and you when she finds that it’s time for a vet visit. If you are one of those cat’s parent whose cat remain cool and calm during and after vet visit then you are damn lucky. Not all the cats behave same, some show a well-developed aggression to not to visit a vet while some are vet friendly cat. If you are belonging to the former category in which cat shows high aggression or stress then you must read below points which will help you to calm your cat.

Best Ways To Calm Your Cat


Journey Is More Stressful

Like dogs, Cats doesn’t like the car ride. Cats hate car and particularly when cats get to know that its guardian is taking her to a vet for a check-up. Cars are not typically part of a cat’s daily life and they are more comfortable in a place familiar to her or a situation which is predictable. The two things escalate the stress level in cats. One is the car journey and second is vet visit. With some cats, it is quite difficult to calm her in a car while some cats feel relaxed once they are used to of car ride. With a small and regular practice of a car rice, you can minimize the stress level in your cats. While having a small car ride with you adorable feline you can sometimes also visit your vet even when you don’t have an appointment. The friendly gesture of your vet towards your cat will help you to calm its behavior during a future vet visit.

Waiting Room Scene

The waiting room is quite a scary environment for a cat where she will come in contact with barking dogs, hissing cats, and few other anxious animals. Many cat parents have the habit of keeping the cat in their arms in a waiting room. The scenario of the waiting room triggers the stress and fear in your cat. To lower the stress you can keep your cat inside a large carrier where she can easily stretch, stand, and make herself Relaxed.

Appointment Of A Vet

As described in above points of waiting room scene, this point will help your cat to remains calm in the waiting room. For that, you need to take an appointment with your vet when he or she has fewer appointments. It will be easier for you to handle your cat in waiting area when the numbers of anxious animals are less in a waiting room.

Make Your Vet A Bff Of Your Cat

The hissing and anxious behavior of your cat can be calmed inside the check-up room by creating a friendly environment. A doctor always calms their patients by a small conversation with them regardless of a human doctor or animal doctor. If your vet is not among those, ask him or her to first perform this small act of talking to your feline. This will make your cat relaxed and easy for your vet to check your cat. With great love for cat comes great responsibility and taking that responsibility in the best possible way makes you a great cat guardian. Take care of every little thing of your cat.


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