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Cleanaural Ear Reviews

CleanAural for Dogs

Cleanaural ear cleaner for dogs, is used to maintain routines ear cleaning of dogs. It is a specially formulated solution that ensures health ear surroundings with maintained pH level. Cleanaural effectively removes dirt, debris and wax from the pet’s ears without causing any pain. The specially formulated solution does not stain or discolor the pet’s hair around the ear.

CleanAural – Ear Cleaner for Dogs

 Cleanaural solution widely used for regular ear cleaning for dogs is suitable on all breeds. It is constituted of various organic compounds and moisturizers designed to clean both healthy and infected ears. The neutral pH does not cause irritation to the ears and assists in keeping the ears dry to avoid growth of bacteria.

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Top Reviews

Top level product

I use it regularly to clean my dog, Hannah's ear. It cleans the debris, dirt and excess wax effectively.

Magic stuff!

Bought a pup infested with ear mites.Bad smelly head&ears&coffee colour gunk in ears,wouldn't stop scratching head.Used this productt. All wonders!

Great earwax removal tool

great stuff, and much cheaper than from the vets. Easy to use to remove all that tough wax