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CleanEar Reviews

Clean Ear for Dogs

Clean Ear solution is a blend of organic compounds that provides ear cleaning of the dogs without causing any harm to the ear canal. This gentle solution gets rid of the dirt and excess wax from the dog’s ears. It also lowers the pH level of the ears. The cleaning solution ensures odor-free and dry ear.

Clean Ear – Ear Cleaning Solution for Dogs

 Clean Ear is a non-medicated ear cleaning solution manufactured by Kyron Labs. It consists of organic elements, which together stops the growth of bacteria in the ears. Docusate sodium is a cleaning agent that removes the excess wax buildup from the ears. Hence, they ensure total safety for dogs ears and a healthy environment with no bacterial activities.

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Top Reviews

Good cleaning solution

The solution is a very good ear cleanser. I always keep it in my dog's hygiene kit

Few minutes to clean

My dog hated previous ear solution being squeezed into his ears and who could blame him. However, iwth cleanear, I find it quite easy to clean his ears. It just simple and takes me few minutes to clean all.

Pet's pleasure

Ear cleaning have been a pleasure for my 2 kitties. Gentle cleaning and high quality product. We are really happy for this product!