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Epi-Otic Reviews

Epi-Otic for Cats

Epi-Otic is an alcohol free formula for cleaning cat’s ears. Non-irritating and anti-adhesive properties of the cleanser prevents bacterial and fungal activities infections. It removes excess wax, debris and dirt form the ears. Additionally, it also removes bad odor from the external part of the ear thus maintain aural health of the cats. It is a mild and recommended treatment to waxy and bad smelling ears.

Epi-Otic – Ear Cleaner for Cats

A Virbac manufactured product, Epi-Otic consists of Salicylic and Lactic acid. These active ingredients prevent the bacteria from being attached to ear skin. It is an advanced formula that avoids irritation in the cat’s ears. The anti-odor solution is suitable for all cats, maintain the apt pH scale.

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Top Reviews

Potent ear cleaner

I use this product frequently to clean my cat's ears. It has always given me awesome results.

Ear magic cleaner

Until we found epi-otic, the magic ear cleaner that ended all our woes! I use this product on all three of my cats now and our vet comments every year at their checkups about how amazing their ears look. This product is gentle, just a few drops in each ear every other day or so and our kitties ears stay spick and span with no irritation and dirt.

This works!!!...

This is great if your dog or cat has itchy ears. I have never gotten any problem with this,as itchy ears are my pet's #1 symptom. These are like heaven for cleaning those hard to reach spots.