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Exelpet Allwormer Reviews

Exelpet Worming Treatment for Cats

Exelpet is a unique oral wormer specially developed to treat preventable intestinal worms in cats. The wormer paste is highly effective in controlling various worms including hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms. Exelpet is a powerful anthelmintic paste that helps in controlling recurring worm infection in cats, when dosed at the frequent interval of time. The oral paste comes in easy to administer syringe, which is readily accepted by cats.

Exelpet Wormer Treatment for Cats

Exelpet is an excellent allwormer treatment for cats. The two powerful components – Praziquantel and Pyrantel embonate aid in the elimination of different internal parasites. The combination works effectively in controlling worm infection in cats. The potent ingredient – Praziquantel eliminates tapeworms and the other ingredient Pyrantel embonate, gentle on cats, destroys roundworms and hookworms. Treated every 3 months, Exelpet keeps cats worm free.

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Top Reviews

Hookworm controller

Effectively helped me in controlling hookworms in my pet. A more than decent product.

Good Wormer

Exelpet is a fine wormer. It is effective in acting against intestinal worms

Must have wormer

I use this allwormer to protect my lovely cat from intestinal worms. It works well and show no side effects.

effective wormer

Was not happy after buying an expensive wormer from the vet that did absolutely not worked on worms. I ordered exelpet from petcareclub. within 12 hours of administration, can find my cat relaxed and sleeping. Such a relief. I will definately buy this product again.

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