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Granofen Worming Granules Reviews

Granofen Granules for Cats and Dogs

Granofen Granules is a broad-spectrum worming treatment for both cats and dogs. These safe to use granules eliminates various intestinal worms like roundworms, lungworms and all breeds of tapeworms. Treating the adult animals with minimal exposure to infection is recommended for 2-4 times per year. Treatment, at 6 to 8 weekly intervals is advisable for dogs in kennels. It is available in different range in a sachet for different sizes of animals. Treatment can be repeated when parasitic re-infection occurs.

Granofen Granules

Granofen granules are easily administrable oral anthelmintic. Each 1g of granules contains 0.22g of fenbendazole. It controls and even protects the pet from intestinal worms and from the re-infestation as well. This oral treatment is available in sachets with different measurements for different sizes of animals. Fenbendazole is quite effective against the action of worms and eliminates them from the pets’ body.

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Top Reviews

Suits my pets

This product suits both my cat and dogs really well.

Easy to Administer!

I have been buying this product for some time and I am really happy with it. The dogs have it mixed in with scrambled egg as they won't eat it otherwise and so far I have had no problems and neither have they. Highly recommended!

grreat product

Great alternative to tablets or spot on. My dog refused to swallow tablets and the spot on wormer would make his hair fall out so tried this with his meat and he ate it all. good one to try.

Work Great! Will recommend

Purchased this from petcareclub. Apparently find it works great and "Loved" this particular product..."Best in the entire world!" will recommend it.