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K9 Advantix Reviews

K9 Advantix for Dogs

K9 Advantix is an effective treatment that provides all round protection against various parasites – fleas, ticks and other insects like mosquitoes, chewing lice, sand flies and stable flies. It efficiently kills all the fleas within 24 hours of administration and ticks in 48 hours. It is a monthly preventive that also provides safety from flea and tick-borne diseases.

K9 Advantix - Broad Spectrum Treatment for Dogs

K9 Advantix, a Bayer manufactured spot-on treatment consists of 2 active ingredients – Imidacloprid and Permethrin. They both block the sodium passage for the treated pets, which blocks the nerve cells causing paralysis to the pests and killing them. They both are insecticides, which start killing off ticks within 2 hours of application. The combined formula also prevents the re-infestations for full month.

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Top Reviews

Good one

Reliable and affordable product. Go for it

Very Useful

My both dogs are flea/tick magnet. After using K9 Advantix, we have never found any problem related to ticks or fleas on him. I also recommended one of my friends to use this.

Goodbye fleas

I have also used other flea control products in the past but none is so effective as K9 Advantix. My dog is safe from fleas and ticks due to this stuff.

Great Stuff

This product is the single solution for multiple pet problems. It's value for money

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