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Kyron Eye Wash Reviews

Kyron Eye Wash for cats

Kyron Eye Wash is an isotopic formula designed to clean the dog’s eyes. The perfect eye cleaning solution does not cause any stinging in the eyes and has soothing effect. It is also used in the treatment of conjunctivitis. Kyron Eye Wash is highly recommended for the pet’s healthy eyes.

Kyron Eye Wash for Dogs

Formulated with natural ingredients, Kyron Eye Wash is an ultimate choice for cleaning dog’s eyes. The active ingredients – sodium bicarbonate, boric acid and cleaning agents gently cleans the eyes and removes all the dirt leaving cooling effect in the eyes.

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Top Reviews

Wonderful eye cleaner

When my Doberman had conjunctivitis, I used this product solely based on my neighbor's advice. After multiple uses, I could see the drastic improvement. Kyron Eye Wash is a wonderful product.

Single best produc

This is the single best product I have ever found for our four kittties. Gentle on eyes and keep their eyes cool. No burning sensation and highly effective

No redness

Works good on red eyes and provide great comfort. For my cat and dog, it is a gret product and keeps their eyes good.