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MEDPET 4 IN 1 Reviews

MedPet 4-in-1 Powder/Tablet – Broad Spectrum Treatment for Racing Pigeons

MedPet 4 in 1 is a multi-spectrum treatment for various bacterial infections in racing pigeons. It is especially used to treat and prevent major common diseases such as Trichomoniasis (Canker), E.Coli, Paratyphoid (Salmonella) – Coccidiosis, gastro intestinal infection and diarrhea. MedPet 4 in 1 is an ideal preventive when a firm diagnosis is still pending. It is totally safe and highly economical as well as easy to dose.

MedPet 4 in 1 Powder and Tablets for Birds and Racing Pigeons

MedPet 4 in 1 is an ideal antibiotic treatment for birds. It contains two key ingredients – Furaltadone and Ronidazole. The combined effect of these two ingredients helps in eradicate paratyphoid, canker, coccidiosis and especially E.coli in Racing Pigeons. The potent treatment fights against all these diseases and further protects birds from any harmful infections.

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Top Reviews

Potent antibiotic treatment for birds

I use Medpet as an antibiotic for my birdy Polly. Great product.

Easy to dose birds

The powder is easy to dose and for my birds its really effective. I never have to worry once using this product for my coop. Thanks pet care club for giving delivering this product on time.

Excellent product and excellent service

I looked around all local suppliers for this product and was able to get it approx $5 cheaper from petcareclub at free shipping. Service was excellent. I'm recommending to all that they try petcareclub for more products as required.