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Oticlear Reviews

Oticlear – Ear Cleansing Solution

Oticlear is an effective antibacterial flush for keeping dog and cat ears clean. The ear cleansing solution acts as an antibiotic agent and prevents bacterial infections in dogs and cats. Clinically developed with advanced technique, Oticlear dissolves hard wax, removes tissue debris and cleans ears. The soothing effect does not irritate pets and leave the ears odor free.

Oticlear – Antibacterial Flush for Dogs and Cats

Oticlear is an efficient routing ear cleaning solution. It contains weak acids that help in removing ear debris and excess wax. The cleansing solution also helps in cleaning tissue debris in the external canal of dogs and cats. The weak acids help keep pH balance in ear canal and prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Oticlear gently cleanses without any side effects.

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Top Reviews

Proper ear cleaner

I've finally got my hands on a proper ear cleaner for my pal. It works really well and they cost pretty cheap too.

Clean ears

Recently my pup has been bothered by his ears. I tried this solution, put a few drops of it and followed by a cotton ball and so much nasty stuff comes out! Works great!


hgihly useful and great product to use.