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Otosol Reviews

Otosol – Antiseptic Ear Drops for Cats

Otosol is a powerful astringent ear cleaning solution for dogs and cats. The easy to use ear drops dissolves excess wax and prevents bacterial infection in pet’s ears. It supports in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections in ears. Otosol helps in keeping the ear clean, dry and free from infection. Regular use of Otosol ear drops prevents various types of ear problems in dogs and cats.

Otosol – Ear Treatment for Cats

Otosol is an excellent ear drops for cats. It is specially designed with major disinfectants, softeners and flavonoids that help in treating infection and dissolving excess wax. The scientifically developed treatment prevents bacteria and parasitic inflammations of outer ear.

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Top Reviews

Good for bacteria infection

I used this solution when my cat had a bacterial infection. Worked pretty fine.

Good savings

I save good by this product. Easy to use and great value. Good ear drops.

Would recommend

I would surely recommend this product as it is easy to apply and doesnot irritate pets. Apply and leave for few seconds. You can see all the stuff coming out.