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Pet Dent Toothbrush Reviews

Pet Dent ToothBrush for Dogs and Cats

Pet Dent toothbrush has a uniquely designed double end, which ensures cleaning of the teeth effectively in both cats and dogs. Using proper vet recommended toothpaste with the brush helps improve the oral health of the pets. The soft bristles at both ends helps in clearing the tartar and plaque. The angular design is provides accurate cleaning.

Pet Dent ToothBrush

The brush is specially designed to be used on both cats and dogs. Built with durable high quality plastic material it is easy to handle. The unique feature of double-ended toothbrush is easy to reach far back in the pet’s mouth.

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Top Reviews

Useful product

With the help of this toothbrush I clean my dog's teeth. A very useful and handy product.

Great product and great service

quality material, easy to hold and does not harm my pet. I am happy that my pet goes well with this.


For brushing your pets nothing works than this. Easy to handle and gentle on pets