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Petscreen SPF23 Sunscreen Reviews

Kyron Petscreen SPF23 Sunscreen Spray for Dogs

Kyron Petscreen SPF23 sunscreen lotion is an ultimate skin care protection formula for dogs, cats and horses. The sunscreen is especially beneficial for light-colored and white-colored pets as well as for pets staying mostly outdoors. It comes in a clear liquid form specifically designed to protect susceptible animals from the sun. The sunscreen agent aids to protect pets against the possibility of skin cancer and sun-related tumors.

Petscreen SPF23 – Best Sunscreen for Pets

Petscreen SPF23 is a potent sunscreen formula for various pets including dogs, cats and horses. It contains 4 major sunscreen agents in a quick-drying base. The spray has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 23 with broad-spectrum from both UVA and UVB components of sunlight. When applied liberally to the susceptible areas once a day, Kyron Petscreen lowers the risk of skin conditions due the exposure to the skin.

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Top Reviews

Protects skin

This pet screen does extremely well in protecting my pal from the dangerous rays of the sun. Keeps her skin in great shape.

Good protection

perfect protection for my dogs and cats. I use this on both of them. It really helps to save them from UV rays.

Good protection

Easy to apply and highly effective. Cant rely on any other product. Thanks petcareclub for this product.