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Strongid P Horse Wormer Paste Reviews

Strongid-P Paste for Horses

Srongid-P Paste is an efficacious product that controls different infections in stomach of the horses. It is a wide range anti-parasitic that secures the horses against infections caused by large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms, ascarids, roundworms and the common tapeworms. It is also suitable to be administered to foals.

Strongid-P Paste

The oral paste Strongid-P consists of Pyrantel Embonate as its active ingredient. It is a strong anthelmintic agent, which efficiently kills off the worms present in the horses. The action mode of this anti-parasitic hampers with the nerve cells of the worms and eliminates them.

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Top Reviews

Works well

Does up to 700kg easy to administer. A product that goes a long way. I would recommend it.

Easy to dose

Many times I find it difficult to accurately dose my two horses when I have to treat them as most don’t have prperdosage lables. Well, this is the perfect one and find it quite easy to dose.