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National Train Your Dog Month

calendar  Jan 05, 2023

National Train Your Dog Month is the time of the year when pet parents and trainers come together to spread awareness about good training habits and the overall importance of it, especially for new pet parents. Teaching pups or adult dogs certain commands is essential for their safety and a way to strengthen your bond with your pet.

It is better to train your dog at a young age. Other than puppy-proofing; vaccinations, vet appointments, and stocking up on toys and treats, it is important to make for training your pup.

Here are some tips you can use while training your puppies on this National Train Your Dog Month.

Begin with some basic commands

Puppies learn things quickly. In no time, you can teach them some of the basic commands , such as, 'sit', 'stay', 'wait', 'leave it', 'come', and 'drop it'. These commands are beneficial in establishing communication between you and your pup. However, you can teach other advanced tricks and commands to your canines.

Patience is the key

Dogs do not understand human language, and it takes a while for them to understand a command. That's why it is important to stay positive and work with them with lots of patience and politeness. Steady repetition and training will only aid your dog in learning the command faster.

Reward good behavior

Training should always be carried out with a reward. It can be in the form of praises, belly rubs, head scratches, treats, or toys. Rewarding your pup immediately after a good behavior or action will encourage them to repeat the same behavior. Similarly, being strict if they display bad behavior is also important, and then they would know what not to do. Balancing between different rewards is crucial to discourage greedy behavior, too!

Socialize your pup

Dogs are social creatures; they like meeting new people and other dogs. Socializing helps them get relaxed, be calm, and happier. Take them to Dog Parks or enroll in a group dog training class. If you are blesses with dog parent friends, schedule puppy play-dates, and encourage socialization.

Be consistent with the training schedule

Keeping a consistent training schedule is a crucial part of keeping your pup on its toes. If you let training miss after a while your pup will also lose interest and all the energy, time, and effort that you've put in will be wasted. Consistency is also important while rewarding, if you're irregular with rewards for the encouraging actions, your pup will not be able to differentiate between a good behavior and a bad one.

Practice makes not only a man but even a dog better

Make use of these commands regularly so that your pup will remember them. Dog training has to be practiced regularly for your pup to get better at following the commands precisely. Try using commands, like 'sit', 'stay', 'wait', and 'rollover' everyday.

Bottom line,

Training should be an integral part of your pet's life. It helps them become acquainted with your household. This also makes the bond between the two of you stronger and potentially lifesaving for your pet. If you're a new pet parent, get to know the basic training rules and if you are a veteran, guide new pet parents.

This National Dog Training Month, share your knowledge with others and help them train their pets efficiently.

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