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Bayopet Tick and Flea Collar Reviews

Bayopet Tick and Flea Collar for Dogs

Bayopet tick and flea collar is an effective treatment against both the icky parasites, fleas and ticks. The swift acting collar starts its action by killing off ticks within 24 hours and fleas within a few hours of fitting it. The Bayer manufactured collar prevents tick infestations for 10 weeks and for fleas, it takes 16 weeks. The collar is made of plastic resin and has an adjustable non-slip clasp. It comes in 2 sizes to fit on different sized dogs.

Bayopet – An innovative tick and flea collar

Bayopet tick and flea collar consists of a potent active ingredient – Propoxur; that is an ectoparasiticide that effectively eliminates fleas and ticks. In addition to killing of these annoying pests, it also prevents re-infestations on the dogs. This uniquely designed collar is a safe way of providing protection to the dogs. Bayopet Tick and Flea collar is easy to fit around dog’s neck and easily sets dog free when stuck.

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Top Reviews

Finally an effective collar

Finally an effective collar. From the day I have made my dog, Vision wear this collar flea and tick infestations have decreased drastically.

Ticks no longer troubles my pet!

This stuff is worth buying if you want to solve this tick problem. My dog now move freely around those bushes.

It lasts longer

Though that it would not last longer. But happy to find that it lasts longer and works good till the end. I usually change this product every 3 months. Great value for money

Costs low

My advice is to use Bayopet tick collar if your dog finds it difficult with other topcial treatments. It costs not more and it works better.