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I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your exceptional quick service.Excellent prices, reliable delivery and no frills or hassles. Would buy again.

Eugene W. Sep 15, 2020

Have been enjoying my time over here. Great set of products at great prices. Simply the best ever online pet care store. Thanks.

Bastian I. Sep 07, 2020
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Quality products & Outstanding Customer Service I am truly so happy I found this store! I received my order on the ETA date and it was probably the most securely packaged delivery I have ever received. And, happy with the excellent customer service in regards to queries. Overall impressed and very happy to buy from this online store.

Reeves K. Aug 25, 2020

Lovely store. Lovely and quality products. I am so pleased. Going to come back and shop again from you guys.

Gertrude D. Aug 20, 2020

It's amazing to shop from a reputed online pet care store. I have had absolutely no difficulties or issues with any of the products or prices. Most certainly a quality online store. Thanks a lot!

Pauline S. Aug 05, 2020

The best online pet care store in my honest opinion. Prices are reasonable and quality of products are excellent, which is why I keep coming back.

Kurtis P. Jul 19, 2020

They have the best products available at the cheapest prices. I have actually started saving a lot from my salary. Thank you for being so budget-friendly.

Isabella K. Jul 10, 2020

Products are great. They are also reasonably priced. I enjoy my shopping from here. Thanks!

Antonio W. Jul 01, 2020

PetCareClub has helped me a great deal in keeping my pets safe and healthy during the quarantine period. I truly appreciate the services and cooperation of the customer team at petcareclub.

Monana M. Jun 24, 2020

Buying pet supplies from here was really a great decision I took. Although skeptical at first, but once I did buy from here it was no turning back. Now, I trust PetCareClub whole-heartedly and would love to get my pet supplies from here only.

Henry S. Jun 14, 2020

I generally don't review online stores until I get really good experiences. But, you guys deserve the praise because of your quality products and flawless services.

Rose J. Jun 06, 2020

Since the switch from local shopping to online pet shopping, I have never looked back again, especially after stumbling upon PetCareClub. They sell a wide range of pet care supplies at the most affordable rates. Really happy to be a customer of this awesome website.

Marney J. May 27, 2020

Hi team, I visited your website for some information and was surprised by the details of the contents. Moreover, it also has an amazing product range at very competitive prices.

Susan Y. May 24, 2020

This has got to be the most reliable for my pets! I have always purchased from here and the products are really good.

Josh M. May 17, 2020

Have always been impressed with the goods this pet store sells. Never have I ever been disappointed till date. Moreover, the customer service team is ever so helpful in churning out quick information whenever I seek for help regarding certain products.

Hugh B. May 07, 2020

It's rare to find an online store that not only sells good quality products but also offers great services at affordable prices and PetCareClub has got it all. I am really thankful to you guys for selling pet products at such discounted prices.

Jeff J. Apr 27, 2020

Hands down, PetCareClub is the best online pet store when it comes to getting best quality pet supplies from my trusted brand.

Kirk L. Apr 22, 2020

Its amazing to finally step onto a website that sells products at a cheap rate, but quality ones. This online pet shop is hella good and I would recommend all my buddies to get their stuff from here. They too deserve the best, right?

Millie H. Apr 13, 2020

Great service, great prices, website easy to navigate! I have told all my friends about you and yes I am still spreading the word.

Kathy W. Apr 09, 2020

Got to give credit where it is due. Despite all the difficulties with the virus going around, PetCareClub is still delivering our pet care supplies within stipulated time. Mighty pleased with your efforts, guys. You all are truly wonderful. Thanks!

Argus M. Mar 27, 2020

Always loved my pet shopping from PetCareClub. They're always delivered the best products and that too in rapid quick time. I am in awe of such an online store. The best, really!

Pamela B. Mar 23, 2020

PetCareClub is an online store that I can rely on. It's not just about the prices but the types of services they give and the products here are of genuine quality and popular brands...what else do a pet-parent need...This is what I've been looking for.

Ellie V. Mar 18, 2020

PetCareClub is the ideal online pet store for cheap and awesome supplies. Ever since I began shopping from here, I have not looked anywhere else. Love this store, love the products.

Johannes C. Mar 04, 2020

I couldn't find 2 products on this site that I badly wanted so I switched to another online store. But, when I received those products from the quality was no worth the price they were charging so what...I had to get to you guys. 1-2 products can be shopped from somewhere else but not more than that because of the quality and prices both are the best things that I get from PetCareClub only.

Victoria E. Feb 24, 2020

PetCareClub has never disappointed! Be it their prices or product quality, everything is up to the mark. There is no denying that PetCareClub is the best pet supplies stores out there.

Kenny D. Feb 18, 2020

The store sells homeopathic supplies which I had been looking for in many stores. Glad I found them on PetCareClub. Its an awesome website with awesome pet care products. Have loved my shopping whenever I've visited this online store.

Eloise S. Feb 09, 2020

You guys are amazing and by you guys I mean to say the customer service I got was really good. I don't give 5 stars to all the online store where I shop from but PetCareClub deserves 5 stars to keep my rockstar healthy with budget-friendly products. Thank you!

Lina L. Feb 04, 2020

I completely rely on PetCareClub for all the pet essentials I need for my furry kids! This store has never disappointed me in terms of quality as well as price.

Kirk J. Jan 30, 2020

My life has become so much easier because of PetCareClub. Earlier I used to wait in long queues and now, now I am sitting on my comfy bed and getting my pet's shopping done. Moreover, I get a better deal here than what I used to when I made a long walk to the store downtown.

Xavier W. Jan 21, 2020

I appreciate the low prices and supportive customer service but I feel the delivery time span is a factor you can surely work on as the products I order takes more time to deliver at times. Rest all is fine

Jennifer T. Jan 12, 2020

PetCareClub is indeed a reliable online pet store! Zero hassle and easy access plus free shipping.

Jolly S. Jan 06, 2020

I've always loved my pet shopping from this online store. It's been over three years now and I've never had any issues. In my opinion, is probably right up there as being the best online pet care store.

Cedric M. Jan 01, 2020

I have used the customer service of this pet care site several times and I have to say that they have always been so wonderful! At a time when most businesses are lacking in customer service, it is a pleasant surprise to deal with people who really do their best to help you out. For that sole reason, I will keep coming back.

Christopher B. Dec 26, 2019

Online shopping had always seem complicated to me as I am a retired person. But PetCareClub is comparatively easy and the products are also way cheaper!

Riley H. Dec 17, 2019

You can hardly trust online stores because of the scams and stuff that take place, but PetCareClub is different. I've ordered products from here for almost a year now. Their payment method is really secure and very reliable. Probably the best online pet care store in America, in my honest opinion!

Eric R. Dec 12, 2019

Any pet supplies that I have ever needed for my pets are available here at much wider categories than I have ever seen anywhere else. Though the shipping time span is longer but the good thing is that the products do get delivered on the given time mentioned on the site

Megan M. Dec 04, 2019

I used to buy all the pet supplies from the store near my house only but ever since my granddaughter recommended me this online store, I have only bought from here! For a person who's not really used to purchasing online, this site is fairly easy to browse.

Gabriella W. Nov 29, 2019

Exceptional online pet care store is PetCareClub! I love the products as well as their auto-order feature. Makes life so much easier.

Melanie B. Nov 17, 2019

This is such a good service. The product arrives in a timely manner, and I love the convenience of shopping from home. And it's much cheaper than the pet care stores online.

Racheal D. Nov 14, 2019

There's a reason why PetCareClub is my go to pet supplies store - The products are not only cheaper over here but also from trusted brands. I have two dogs and even product I administer to them is bought from here!

Jonah M. Nov 04, 2019

To be honest, when I first visited this online store for my pet, I found it a tad dodgy, but my wife was reluctant because the products were costing way less over here so I went ahead and did the purchasing. Few days later I realized that looks can be deceptive. This is such a great online pet store and till date, I have been get my pet supplies from Pet Care Club only.

D'Arcy F. Nov 01, 2019

I was impressed with the seamless experience I had while ordering. I called their tollfree number and the customer service person helped me at every step and was very courteous. Definitely will order again. Great Site!

Claire D. Oct 23, 2019

Made my first order from this online store few weeks ago and finally received the order. The shipment reached a little late but I think it is worth it because the products are of really good quality. I am certainly going to shop again from here.

Gisselle S. Oct 13, 2019

Have been purchasing from here for over 2 years now and in between that, I have also tried shopping from other online stores. But honestly, no other website came close to tihs one. The prices, product quality, services, everything is top notch.

Merril W. Oct 04, 2019

I always rely on PetCareClub for getting me the best pet products and that too at much cheaper prices than other stores!

Felix W. Sep 22, 2019

Initially I used to purchase from another online pet store but when my uncle visited during holidays, he told me about PetCareClub and how he was getting treatments for his dogs at really cheap prices. After listening to him, I thought I'd order some preventatives as well. The products I got from this site are of excellent quality and keeps my dog protected from parasites all the time.

Zoe C. Sep 17, 2019

PetCareClub is a terrific website! It offers many varieties of pet products and that too at cheaper rates.

Gretchen L. Sep 09, 2019

PetCareClub is inarguably the best online store for pet supplies! I buy almost all products for my cat, Sherry from this website!

Berlin M. Sep 03, 2019

Have purchased quite a few times from PetCareClub and I love their products! I've had bad experiences of online purchasing from other companies, but thankfully, this one turned out to be reliable.

Dany L. Aug 27, 2019

Have been ordering from this online store for years now. In fact, even the other people in my family purchases from here for their pets. All the products are of top quality and at affordable prices!

Matt L. Aug 22, 2019

Ordered for the first time from the website and am really with the products. The treatments instantly got rid of those parasites and now my kitty is better than ever. Also, I love how fast the order reached to me, not even a day later than the ETA.

Bill B. Aug 12, 2019

This is a really good pet store! I don't really have much knowledge of social media, but this website was very easy to use and I had no issues placing the order. I am certainly going to purchase regularly from PetCareClub.

Jack J. Aug 07, 2019

My first order came in last week and I'm very happy with the products and their quality! I didn't have high expectations from it but it turned out to be even better than I thought! My dog is free from fleas and ticks, thanks to this online store!

Bud W. Jul 29, 2019

After purchasing from many online stores, I can safely say this is the best amongst all. From their excellent services to great discounts, PetCareClub is easy to access and reliable online store. I've purchased many pet products for my kittens and dogs and they have always delivered on time. I always recommend this website to my friends!

June G. Jul 22, 2019

PetCareClub is a wonderful online pet store! They store all the necessary flea and tick treatments. On top of that, the products are provided at extremely affordable rates. I am really glad that I stumbled upon this website and I would like to recommend it to all other pet parents.

Zelda S. Jul 15, 2019

I have been purchasing from PetCareClub since last three years and I am in love with their products! The quality, prices, services, everything is top notch. I prefer this over the local pet store any day.

Angel J. Jul 15, 2019

I’m an old customer and have purchased from this online story many times. I wanted to leave a few lines of appreciation for this wonderful website! I’m a retired person so I don’t know much about the internet but this website was very easy to browse and the order process also went by very smoothly. I’ve also recommended this website to many of my friends and even they have found it helpful. Thanks, PetCareClub for providing amazing offers and timely delivery of orders.

Robert S. Jul 01, 2019

PetCareClub is the best website! My cousin told me about this online store 6 months ago and I have been purchasing from them ever since! Ordering pet products online is so easy and hassle-free! I am quite glad that I don't have to run to a pet store whenever I run out of treatments for my kitty. I usually buy in bulk now, thanks to all the discount this website offers! Once again, thanks for providing such excellent services!

Zoe C. Jun 25, 2019

This online store has been taking care of my pooch for last 3 years. I’ve tried many different pet stores, but nothing comes close to the prices at which the products are offered by PetCareClub. I always buy in bulk to save up on the money. I can say from experience that this is the best online pet store!

Bosco C. Jun 19, 2019

I wanted to drop in and say thanks to this amazing website for providing me with the best pet products! I always purchase from this website as they offer products at great discounts. Keep up the good work!

Rossana V. Jun 10, 2019

This website is very easy to browse and I always find the products that I need at very reasonable rates. I have been their customer for over a year, and I have never faced any issue with the product or their services. I am thankful to PetCareClub for making pet shopping way easier and affordable!

Oliver J. May 24, 2019

PetCareClub has always been consistent with their product quality and provides pet products at reliable prices. Their customer service is also commendable. Once I had some issue with the product quantity and they solved it immediately. Moreover, they also provide free shipping on all products! It can’t get better than this.

Luna P. May 10, 2019

I just wanted to thank PetCareClub for offering best products at reliable prices. I’ve had great experience with this website and will continue to shop from here. Great job!

Delilah J. May 05, 2019

PetCareClub is very easy to navigate and you get your products delivered to your home! I was a little skeptical of online ordering, especially when it comes to treatments. But I’ve seen that this website offers products from well-known brands. Every product I’ve used on my dog has been effective with no noticeable side effects. Keep up the good work!

Niall C. Apr 29, 2019

Great people.Affordable, efficient, easy to navigate and reliable website. Kudos!! to you guys you are doing a great job

Emily L. Apr 25, 2019

PetCareClub is one website which I keep coming back. I’ve tried many different websites, but in the end, PetCareClub has proven to be the best. The products are sold at very reasonable prices. Sometimes they also have discounts on specific products, so I always love to stock up the ones that I know I’ll need more often. Both my dogs have been healthy and free from infestation because of PetCareClub.

Mallory D. Apr 23, 2019

Completely satisfied with you guys. It is because of you guys that in my tough times I was able to take care of my dog, Ron's health.

Eve G. Apr 10, 2019

The products are extremely efficient, original and reliable. I was a bit worried about the authenticity of the products because these guys were selling it in a price that was really low. I took a chance by ordering one flea and tick treatment Frontline plus. The product was authentic and their services were really good. It developed a trust in me and slowly I started by all the supplies for my Bruno'd health from these guys. Thank you guys

Mike H. Mar 28, 2019

Great website. I am happy to buy my dog’s health care supplies from this site. Hope they launch food section as well. I would love to buy all the products that are needed for my dog from this site only. Reliable and affordable.

Tom B. Mar 15, 2019

Liked the website, kudos to you guys for providing the products at such a nominal rate. This website is a boon for people like me with a tight budget.

Tony B. Feb 15, 2019

Amazing website, fast and easy to navigate. Products are cheap and amazing

Gerard F. Feb 14, 2019

Great company and products, the only issue is 14 days of shipping time but apart from that, everything is perfect. I have developed a habit of ordering a bit earlier so that the product gets delivered on time. For better discounts and products you got to adjust a bit.

Dave B. Jan 23, 2019

Absolutely amazing experience, shopping on this website. You got to trust them on the shipping thing they take 14-15 days to deliver the product but the products are genuine and affordable.

Ryan B. Jan 12, 2019

I want to thank pet care club for providing awesome products in affordable rates. Thank you so much. God Bless You guys…

Linda J. Nov 26, 2018

Amazing and user friendly website. I am an old lady and I always get confused whenever I try and use websites nowadays because they are so confusing and the terms they use but this is one such website that has been very kind to me. It is very easy to use website and also the products are very cheap that's a great help for someone who is living on the pensions. God bless you guys and Merry Christmas.

Laura D. Nov 12, 2018

I am never disappointed with this website. Auto-order is an amazing feature and thank you for these awesome Halloween discounts

Burde C. Oct 29, 2018

Pet care club is a savior. I had a really tight budget but it had products which I could buy easily and still save some money. This is great!!

Berine J. Oct 11, 2018

I have been regularly purchasing pet products for my dog Tommy from Pet Care Club for the last 3 years because of the availability of quality products at the least possible prices along with free shipping on all orders. Pet Care Club is the perfect one-stop destination for a single working mom like me who cannot spare much time throughout the day. I would recommend Pet Care Club to one and all!

Lisa D. Sep 07, 2018

I am an 80-year-old man living in the woods with my Alsatian Jack. I have been advised restricted movement by the doctor due to knee pain which makes it difficult to travel to the medical store in town. Pet Care Club has been vital in such a scenario with the quality products available at discounted rates along with free shipping. I would certainly recommend them to one and all!

Goncalo G. Aug 27, 2018

I have purchased a large quantity of flea& tick treatments like Activyl utilizing 10% discount given by Pet Care Club. The website guarantees quality products with free shipping which is why I prefer them over the others.

Joseph M. Aug 07, 2018

The blogs available on the website are quite informative and guide consumers who wish to purchase. My dog Trevor was battling a tick infection which I could negotiate successfully by purchasing products recommended by the website blogs. I would encourage everyone to check out the blogs on a weekly basis to learn more about their pets and how to take care of them.

Lukas W. Jul 27, 2018

It becomes really easy to take care of your pet’s health and well being when you have such dedicated websites that provide you with world-class treatment. I can’t express how thankful I am to Pet Care Club for providing me with such great service. Highly recommended!

Alan W. Apr 28, 2018

Pet Care Club is the best place to shop online for your pets. This site provided me with free shipping and products at a great discounted price. I couldn’t get such a low price for my products all over my city. I will definitely use Pet Care Club for my future shopping.

Andrew S. Apr 19, 2018

I am a regular customer at Pet Care Club. I have ordered flea preventive products, shampoos, heartwormers, etc., from Pet Care Club. The products have always proved true to their description and have always shown effective results. I will surely recommend this website to all my friends and relatives.

Jace M. Apr 12, 2018

I am very pleased with the prices and the quality of the products I received from Pet Care Club. I haven’t been able to find the wormer treatment Popantel anywhere in the local stores but I can always get it here and that too for a very reasonable price. Thank you, Pet Care Club for providing these products at such affordable prices.

Jamie W. Apr 03, 2018

I had ordered flea treatment products for my dog. The products were in very good condition and true to description. My dog’s health has improved drastically. Now he jumps straight out of his bed and sleeps comfortably. The service was extraordinary and the prices were very reasonable. I will surely buy again.

Laura F. Mar 24, 2018

I would like to let you know how happy I am with my purchase. I bought flea and tick products for my cats and the products did give me fruitful results. I’m so glad that I found your site. I live in the countryside and so I went to nearly all the pet stores searching for this product and gave up in disgust. Love it! Thank you for the service.

Amanda H. Mar 18, 2018

Thanks, guys, this is the best service I've had in an online transaction. Your way of doing business is very much appreciated. Jess also says thank you for her flea product. She's enjoying her time without the fleas bothering her day and night. Recommended!

Bella J. Mar 13, 2018

Pet Care Club is the end of all my worries related to pet shopping. I am shopping from Pet Care Club since 2years now and I have only good things to say about this website. It’s a legit and customer friendly store that provides service 24/7. Thank you, Pet Care Club for making pet shopping so fast and convenient.

Jacqueline C. Mar 08, 2018

You have the products I want, at good prices, easy shopping at your site and prompt shipment. Great service. Keep up the good work guys!

Marie K. Feb 15, 2018

Fast shipping, well packaged, great communication, good price, high quality joint care and flea and tick products. I purchased two flea treatments for my 2 kitties. Both are mess free and relaxing now with no itching or scratching.

Kyugar N. Feb 15, 2018

Always a great experience at Petcareclub; from products to service to shipping! Happy to get discounts on my favorite products. Would definitely recommend my friends.

Synell N. Feb 15, 2018

Super fast service. Best customer service and cheap prices. Definitely would recommend it.

Robin M. Feb 15, 2018