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Comfortis Pink For Dogs 2.3 - 4.5 kg (5 -10 lbs) (6 DOSES)

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Comfortis for Dogs

A highly efficacious and fast acting treatment that starts treating fleas within half n hour of dosage and terminates 100% fleas within 4 hours, Comfortis for dogs is one of the most popular flea treatments in the market. The monthly flea tablet is highly palatable because of its beef flavor and works for 30 days once administered. Moreover, it also helps in controlling flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) in dogs.

Comfortis - Fast Action Flea Tablet for Dogs

Comfortis for dogs prevents further infestation by eliminating fleas before they can lay eggs. The active ingredient, Spinosad present in the tasty beef-flavored tablet neutralizes fleas by hampering the central nervous system of the fleas and causing hyperexcitation. The treatment is safe for puppies 14 weeks of age or more and at least 5.0 lbs in body weight. Vets recommend keeping the treatment active all throughout the year to ensure that there are no fleas to trouble your pooch.

Direction for use
  • Choose the appropriate pack size according to the weight of your pooch.
  • The treatment comes in a beef flavored tablet form.
  • Feed the tablet orally in the mouth of the dog.
  • In case your pooch resists, mix the tablet in the dog food.
  • Ensure that your dog completes his/her meal for the dosage to be administered entirely.
  • For oral administration only.
  • Read the product label for more information or consult your vet.
Key Benefits
  • Terminates 100% fleas within 4 hours of administration thus giving instant relief from flea bites
  • Starts its action in half an hour of administration
  • Prevents re-infestations by killing fleas before they can lay eggs
  • Works for an entire month
  • It’s an oral treatment so no apprehensions of efficacy getting decreased after bathing
  • Store at room temperatures.
  • Wash hands after administering the chewable.
  • For puppies 14 weeks of age and more and weighing 5.0 lbs or more.
  • Comfortis should not be used with treatments containing ivermectin as an active ingredient.


  • Please consult your vet before using Comfortis on epileptic or breeding dogs. Or dogs having a history of epilepsy or seizures.
  • Contact a veterinarian before giving Comfortis to pregnant and lactating female dogs.


go for it

I have complete trust on this treatment for my doggo!

relief from flea infestation

Comfortis provided instant relief from itching that was due to flea and tick infestation.

nice chews

Effectively controls fleas!