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DAP Spray Reviews

DAP Spray

Adaptil spray or DAP spray is widely used as a behavioral product for dogs. It controls the stressful and anxiety situations faced by dogs. There are various such situations which the pet-parents ahs to confront like travelling, vet-visits, moving to a new place, and to adapt to these situations DAP spray is very useful. A very safe spray for dogs temporarily relieves the dogs from stress.  

DAP Spray for Dogs

 The DAP spray is developed using the same pheromones which are present in nursing dog’s. It is a pacifier compound that reassures the pet and calms them. It generates a secure feeling in them that ensures their safety in an alien environment.

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Top Reviews

Relaxes the nerves

This behavioral solution manages to relieve my dog from stress by relaxing the nerves. A great calming spray.

Great product

This product was recommended by our vet. At least it keeps my fur girl calm and relaxed. A little spray during guest arrival or fireworks prevents all the fuss.

No efforts to make

during festives, I usually use this as it works good. I don’t find my fussy or frightened or marking everywhere when I use it. Great stuff to have for me specially during festivals.