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Endogard Reviews

Endogard for Dogs

Endogard is a palatable treatment to be administered on dogs for improvement in their health. These oral tablets help in getting rid of harmful gastrointestinal parasites. The tablets have larvicidal properties, which kills and controls various worms found in the dog’s body. This powerful remedy protects the dog from worm infections and enhances their health.

Endogard – An Effective Wormer for Dogs

The Virbac product, Endogard is a potent all wormer which improves the well-being of the dog and puppies. It consists of the following active ingredients- Praziquantel and Oxibendazole. Praziquante;l is effective in treatment of tapeworms and controlling its re-infestations. On the other hand, oxibendazole efficiently treats the other gastrointestinal worms. Both of them kill all the adult worms and their immature stages ensuring full protection of the dog.

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Top Reviews

Surprising results

I was surprised by the results that it delivered, will order it regularly

No issues related to worms

my sis suggested this product and till now i dont have any problems related to worms in my small dogs. they usually go around in park and pick up anything and this ends up having worm infection. however after starting endogard no more issues related to worms. and its good to buy from pet care club for huge discounts.

Great flavor

I bought this on high recommendations from petcareclub. sure to start with it worked great. I use it regularly as directly and there are no worm issues.