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Essential 6 Reviews

Essential 6 Spot-on for Cats – Multifunctional Skin Care Product

Essential 6 Spot-On is an internationally approved skin care treatment for cats. It is a multifunctional skin care treatment that helps improve overall skin health. The topical solution is enriched with a unique blend of essential fatty acids and essential oils that help improve coat sheen and reduce dry, scaly skin in cats. This convenient to use spot-on treatment should be applied directly to skin without the need of bathing your cat.

Essential 6 for Cats – A Unique Skin Care Treatment

Essential 6 for Cats is an excellent skin care product. When applied Essential ingredients works efficiently by increasing skin hydration in the epidermis layer (the hydrolipidic film). The quality ingredients present in Essential 6 bio-diffuses through the skin and is stored in the sebaceous glands. It is progressively diffused from the sebaceous glands. It is then distributed along the body and absorbed into the skin. This helps in balancing water loss to optimize skin hydration. It also reduces bad odor and leaves pet smelling fresh and pleasant.

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Regular buyer

I buy this product regularly because this product keeps the skin of my cat healthy. You should also buy this product.

Keeps skin healhy

Same product my vet sells but for high cost. My furpal has occasional skin problems like dry hair or loses lustre. Essential 6 helps to bring back the radiance and keep the skin healthy. recommends using every couple of weeks for "maintenance."

Next order placed

I've been using this for months now on my senior (18+) female cat. I administer it regularly, so far, so good. The vet was charging me $15 for application. This is just few bucks.