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Malacetic Otic Ear Reviews

Malacetic Otic for Dogs

Malacetic Otic ear cleaner is an anti-bacterial and an anti-fungal cleansing solution for dogs. Developed naturally, it maintains aural hygiene of the dogs. As a drying agent, it removes all the dirt and wax trapped in the pet’s ears. The anti-septic solution is safe for all breeds and can be applied on ruptured eardrums as well. This anti-inflammatory solution provides a soothing fragrance after the application.

Malacetic Otic – Ear Cleaner for Dogs

 The specially designed solution for routine ear cleaning and drying, Malacetic Otic is an excellent choice to treat and protect the pet from fungal and bacterial infections. It is naturally designed solution and does not include any artificial cleaning agents. All the ingredients work together to dewax and degrease the dog’s ears.

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Top Reviews

Great ear cleanser

Every once in two weeks I use this formula to clean my pal's ears. A very good product!

Clean Ears

I use this to clean my mini poodles ears every few weeks. It has worked really well and we haven't had any ear infections. it's gentle and cleans ears.

This is the best product out there! Look no further!

I've tried a few products for my dogs ears ,and this is the best one so far. No fuss, no irritition! Will try on my 2 kitties also. Seems it will work good.