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Medistatin Reviews

Medistatin Powder – Candida Treatment for Pigeons and Caged Birds

Medistatin is a scientifically proven formulation for the treatment of candida – yeast and fungal infections. It helps in protecting caged birds and pigeons from fungal and yeast diseases. The oral treatment is easy to administer and completely safe for hand reared chicks. Medistatin is highly beneficial for the treatment of twirling which is caused by a fungal infection of the inner ear. The oral preventive is ideal for hand-feeding baby birds to treat or control yeast infections.

Medistatin for Caged Birds and Racing Pigeons

Medistatin comprises of Nystatin. Medistatin is the only Nystatin powder treatment specifically developed for pigeons and birds. Nystatin in Medistatin does not cross into the bloodstream and therefore, it offers wide safety measures in birds. The clinically proven formula protects birds from candida infections. It is an ideal treatment for crop dosing baby birds. It is recommended to prepare the fresh solution daily for high effectiveness.

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Top Reviews

no more infection

Candida is the most common infection in our area and to keep my birds against this was quite difficult but after started using medistatin it has been quite easy. I am happy as there is no more infection.

Safest product

This stuff is a miracle! Our entire coop had a huge infection. This helped tremendously. I have others hooked on it now too!