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Preventic Tick Collar Reviews

Preventic Tick Collar - Two Months Tick Protection

Preventic Tick Collar is potent tick control treatment for dogs. The collar detaches and kills ticks. The tick collar starts working within 24 hours of placement and continues to work for as long as the collar is worn. It lasts longer up to 60 days. Preventic not only kills existing ticks but also detaches new ticks and prevents them from feeding on dogs within 48 hours after application. The tick collar is water resistant and virtually odorless. It is easy to use and safe on dogs without any side effects.

Preventic Tick Collar is recommended for dogs over 12 weeks old.

Preventic Tick Collar – A Powerful Antiparasitic

Preventic Tick collar contains a powerful ingredient – amitraz. It is an ecto-parasiticide, which is highly effective against ticks. The strong ingredient paralyzes the tick mouth parts before killing the tick. It prevents the attachment of the tick and controls the transmission of diseases. Preventic is effective on various species of ticks found in different parts of US. The ingredient is strong on parasites but gentle on dogs.  

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Top Reviews

Flea and tick

I love this have bought two for both of my dogs and they are flea and tick free.

Quick Relief form ticks!!!!

this stuff is good for keeping ticks out of range of my scooby. We live in tick thick region. And I have need to work too hard to keep these parasites away. Well, with this collar. My work goes easy. No more searching for tick on my pal.

Great one

Can never relay on any other product, when I have preventic tick. Highly effective on ticks with no more scratching on my dogs.