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Coximed Reviews

Coximed Tablets for Racing Pigeons and Birds

Coximed is a complete single dose for the treatment of Coccidiosis in pigeons and raptors. The high grade formula treats sick pigeons and helps to recover faster. It prevents harmful infection and is totally safe. The oral treatment cures up to 98% of Coccidiosis cases. The double strength tablet is the best alternative medicox to avoid resistant build-up. Coximed is highly recommended that the youngsters to be dosed with Coximed after weaning to control Coccidiosis infection. Coximed is highly affordable and easy to dose.

Coximed for Racing Pigeons and Caged Birds

Coximed contains Diclazuril as an active ingredient. The potent effect of this ingredient helps in treating Coccidiosis infection. It protects pigeons from re-infestation and helps restore health. All the pigeons in coop need to be treated with Coximed to control spread of infection to other birds. It is crucial to treat with proper dosage and maintain hygiene in coop houses to avoid reinfestation. The oral treatment is safe with no side effects when used on regular basis for controlling infection.

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Top Reviews

Highly Effective

I was rushing from stores to stores and sites to sites in order to find the tablet which prevents Coccidiosis in pigeons. Finally, Coximed turned out to be highly effective and cost-effective tablet I came across so far.

no infection

I would recommend to buy this product. Our birds were having chronic infection and every time we use the product ,it return back. after using coximed cant find any infection any more now. Thanks pet care club for sending the accurate product.

Quality over the counter product.

this product is great to cure canker and is anti bacterial. Treats all the pigeons in coop and prevents recurring infection when we use it regularly.