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Feliway Spray

Feliway Spray for Cats (60 ML)

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Feliway Spray for Cats

Feliway Spray is a popular product that helps cats to cope with environmental challenges or stressful situations. The scientifically proven formula helps control objectional behaviors in cats. The spray helps cats feel safe and comfortable in new environment and reduces feline stress related behavioral issues like urinating, scratching, chewing, appearing withdrawn, excessive vocalizations, and tension between cats, over or under grooming, stereotypic behaviors and anxiety. Feliway – the feline facial pheromone offers a natural way to prevent stress-related behavioral issues in cats and help them face challenging situations like multi-cat households, adoption, moving home, holidays, and boarding, building work or redecorating, new member of the family, parties at home.

Feliway when used with Feliway diffuser offers the best results for urine spraying issues. The spray is safe for cats and kittens.

Feliway Spray – Feline Pheromone Spray Stressful Cats

Feliway spray comes in pump spray form. It contains the synthetic version of the naturally occurring facial pheromones of cats. A pheromone is a chemical marking agent excreted by cats to mark their territory and attract opposite sex. The naturally occurring pheromone by mother cat also helps new kittens to feel safe and secure. A stressed cat when comes in contact with feliway spray, feels relaxed where the stress levels are lowered. Feliway spray helps cats to stay calm and comfortable even in stressful situation.

Direction for use
  • Should be used on the surfaces that the cat is marking.
  • Can be directly be sprayed on bedding, walls, furniture, inside carriers, boarding cages or in the car.
  • Shake the Feliway spray bottle well before application.
  • Spray at about 4 inches from the site keeping the bottle vertical.
  • For best results, use Feliway diffuser with the spray.
Key Benefits
  • Helps control objectional cat behavior
  • Especially designed for cats
  • Helps prevent and control stress related behaviors in cats
  • Highly beneficial to control urine spraying, vertical scratching
  • Useful during travelling
  • Aids to comfort cats during stressful situations
  • Stimulates your cat’s natural pheromones
  • Ideal for new homes, cages and cars
  • Completely safe for cats and humans
  • Feliway Spray should not be directly sprayed on animals or near an animal’s face.
  • Highly inflammable, keep away from sources of ignition.
  • No smoking.
  • Keep container tightly closed.
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Keep out of children and pets.
  • Feliway Spray should be stored at room temperature.
No worries

with feliway by my side no worries about scratching or chewing behavior.

no behavioral issues

has immenseely helped to treat behavioral issues in two of our five cats.


I have a kitten that is super high strung and gets freaked out by any and every loud noises there are, this spray is a godsend!! Keeps her calm and super cool