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Zylkene Calming Supplement

Zylkene Calming Supplement for Dogs

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Zylkene Calming Supplement For Cats & Small Dogs 75mg

Pack Size

Zylkene Calming Supplement For Medium Dogs 225mg

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Zylkene Calming Supplement For Large Dogs 450mg

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Zylkene Calming Capsules for Dogs and Cats

Zylkene is a calming supplement that is effective in stress-related problems in cats and dogs. The natural milk protein in the capsule helps pets relax during travel, moving, vet visits, grooming, noise outbreaks, left alone, and more. It is a non-drowsy formula that can calm dogs without sedating or stimulating them. It aids in reducing anxiety and can also enhance pets' receptivity during behavior modification training.


Powder Maltodextrin, Casein (Trypsin hydrolysed bovine casein), Magnesium stearate, Capsule  Bovine skin gelatin

Afrivet/Eco Animal/Coopers
Usage Directions For Zylkene Calming Supplement
  • Zylkene capsule is oral supplement, directly in pet’s mouth or sprinkle into pet’s food
  • Administer 1 -2 days prior to predicted stressful circumstance
  • For some pets early administration of 5 -7 days before a stressful circumstance may require
  • Do not use as a whole meal but complementary supplement
  • Follow the dosage table below for optimal feeding

Dosage Table:

Pet Size

Pet Weight

Number of capsules administer daily

Small dogs and cats

Up to 11 lbs ( 5kg)

One 75 mg Capsule

11- 22 lbs (5-10 kg)

Two 75 mg Capsules

Medium dogs and cats

22-33 lbs (10-15 kg)

One 225 mg Capsule

33-66 lbs (15-30 kg)

Two 225 mg Capsules

Large dogs

33-66 lbs (15-30 kg)

One 450 mg Capsule

66-132 lbs (30-60 kg)

Two 450 mg Capsules

Why To Use Zylkene Calming Supplement
  • Relaxes dogs and cats during traveling, vet visits, loud noise, home alone and more
  • Helps reduce anxiety indoors as well as outdoors
  • Safe to administer as it is a non-sedative formula
  • Powdered capsule get easily mixed into pet food
  • Available in three pack sizes to suit cats and dogs of all weights and sizes
Zylkene Calming Supplement Protective Measures
  • Keep it out of reach of children
  • For animal use only
  • In case of accidental overdose, consult a vet immediately
  • Store at controlled room temperature
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