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Pet Dent Oral Gel 60g

Pet Dent Oral Gel 60g

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Pet Dent Oral Gel for Dogs and Cats

A unique way of promoting oral hygiene in pets, Pet Dent Oral Gel is used to clean pet’s teeth. It frees them from the dental issues, prevents tooth decay and bad breath. It reduces the plaque. The palatable nature if the gel ensures that the pet easily accepts it. The gel is safe for both dogs and cats.

Pet Dent Oral Gel

The active ingredients in the gel are – chlorohexidine gluconate and zinc gluconate, which gives satisfactory oral health. An anti-bacterial mouth gel efficiently kills pathogens, decreasing the chances of oral infections. It helps to reduce bad odor and removes the tartar and plaque. Zinc helps in the body’s healing mechanism.

Kyron Labs
Usage Directions For Pet Dent Oral Gel
  • Make your pet sit in a comfortable position.
  • Apply once daily using a finger or a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Wash your hands after application.
Why To Use Pet Dent Oral Gel
  • Palatable gel
  • Readily accepted by the pets
  • Long lasting gel
  • Effective in cleaning the teeth
Pet Dent Oral Gel Protective Measures
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Keep the product away from sunlight.
  • Make sure the gel is out of reach of children and pets.
Customer Reviews
for my dog and cat

Until now i was not knowing that it also works for cats. Now i have started using for both dog and cat. Great product

dental hygiene

helps to keep our pet's dental hygiene

Good value for money

Arrived quickly at my place. The product was the easiest to use. I have used with the gel quickly worked and no effort on my behalf.

Good cleaner

this simple gel helps to maintain oral hygiene. good cleaner for our pooch.