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Triworm-C Dewormer Reviews

Triworm-C – Deworming Treatment for Cats

Triworm-C is an efficacious worming treatment for cats. The clinically proven tablet is efficient in eliminating various types of intestinal worms including hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms. It protects cats against harmful worm infections and prevents recurring worm infestation. The oral tablet is safe for cats and kittens.

Triworm-C – Oral Dewormer for Cats

Triworm-C is an ultimate worm remedy for cats. It contains two major ingredients Praziquantel and Pyrantel Pamoate. The combination eliminates all the internal worms gently without harming the cat. Praziquantel is an effective anthelmintic, which eliminates the larvae stages while Pyrantel pamoate fights against the adult worms by paralyzing their nervous system and hence, removing them.

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Top Reviews

worth purchasing

This dewormer is a lifesaver for my kitty! It got rid of all the worms and now my cat is back to her own self.

free from worms

Triworm is one solution for all kinds of worms! It also has no side effects on my cat.

great dewormer

I think I've found the best dewormer for my kitty, Carol! It's highly effective and works perfectly without any side effects.

best in market

I cannot recommend this product enough! It is highly effective and works great on my kitty.

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