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Ultrum Line-Up Spot On

Ultrum Line-Up Spot On for Dogs

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Ultrum Line-Up Spot On for Small Dogs up to 22 lbs (Blue)

Pack Size
2 Months

Ultrum Line-Up Spot On for Medium dogs 22-44 lbs (Green)

Pack Size
2 Months

Ultrum Line-Up Spot On for Large Dogs 44-88 lbs (Yellow)

Pack Size
2 Months

Ultrum Line-Up Spot On for Xlarge Dogs above 88 lbs (Orange)

Pack Size
2 Months

Ultrum Line-Up Spot-On for Dogs

Ultrum Line-Up is a topical treatment that proves its efficacy against fleas and ticks on dogs. One treatment of this spot-on kills adult fleas on coming in contact and continues to eliminate them for up to a month. It hampers the growth and development of flea eggs and larvae for 5 months after the applications. One pack of Ultrum Line-Up protects the dogs against adult flea for 8 weeks and against ticks for 6 weeks. Moreover, it ensures 10 months of protection against flea eggs and larvae.

Ultrum Line-Up Spot-On

Ultrum Line-Up Spot-On consists of 2 main active ingredients – permethrin and pyriproxyfen. Permethrin is an insecticide that fights against the pests like fleas and ticks and prevents the fleas from biting the dogs within 5 minutes of application.

Pyriproxyfen is an insect growth regulator (IGR) that prevents the flea eggs and larvae from developing into adult fleas. Thus, it makes them unable to reproduce.

The combination of both these elements efficiently safeguards the dogs against fleas, ticks and entire flea life cycle.

Direction for use
  • Twist off the top of a tubule.
  • Start applying the treatment on the neck between the shoulder blades by parting the hair.
  • Continue down to the base of the tail.
  • Allow the solution to dry naturally on the dog.
  • Make sure that the second application of the treatment is carried out within one month of the first treatment. This will provide additional one month protection against biting fleas and moreover 5 months' assurance that the eggs and larvae will not develop into biting adult fleas.
Key Benefits
  • Safe for puppies above 6 weeks of age
  • Effective on fleas for 4 weeks and on ticks for 3 weeks
  • Protects the dog from getting infected by flea larvae
  • Convenient to use topical treatment
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store below 25 degree Celsius.
  • Do not use on cats.
  • In case of more information about the product, consult a vet.
  • Avoid using this spot-on treatment on lactating dogs.
  • For topical use only.
Kyron Labs
quick results

just one application and within few hours fleas seems to falling apart.

Stuff is good

Safe product with amazing results

vet recommended

this is vet recommended spot on for our four big boys