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Bob Martin Clear 3 in 1 Dewormer for Dogs Large 2x15g

Rating: 4/5
Bob Martin Clear 3 in 1 Dewormer for Dogs Large 2x15g
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Bob Martin 3-in -1 Dewormer for Dogs

Bob Martin Clear 3-in-1 dewormer is formulated especially for dogs to kill 3 most common types of internal worms. This treatment is effective against roundworms, hookworms, and tapeworms with a single dose. It is suitable to give to dogs of all breeds and life stages.

Bob Martin 3-in-1 Deworming Treatment

Bob Martin 3-in-1 Dewormer for Dogs contains two active ingredients- Pyrantel pamoate and Niclosamide. These ingredients work together and paralyse worms and kill the tapeworms on contact. It is easy to give and is effective with a single dose.


Pyrantel Pamoate and Niclosamide

Why To Use Bob Martin Clear 3 in 1 Dewormer
  • Dewormer treatment that kills 3 most common worms in dogs
  • Effective against hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms
  • Easy to use and is effective with a single dose
  • Suitable for all life stages and all breeds of dogs
Usage Directions For Bob Martin Clear 3 in 1 Dewormer
  • Use as directed.
  • Determine the body mass of your dog before giving the treatment.
  • Administer by mixing the contents into your pet’s meal.

Dog Weight

Recommended Dose

Up to 5 kg (Up to 11 lbs)

1 heaped teaspoon (5 g)

6-10 kg (11.1-22 lbs)

2 heaped teaspoons (10 g)

11-15 kg (22.1-33 lbs)

1 sachet (15 g)

16-20 kg (33.1-44 lbs)

1 sachet +1 teaspoon (20 g)

21-25 kg (44.4-55 lbs)

1 sachet + 2 teaspoons (25 g)

26-30 kg (55.1-66 lbs)

2 sachets (2 x 15 g)

Bob Martin Clear 3 in 1 Dewormer Protective Measures
  • Do not overdose your pet
  • Meant only for dogs
  • Weigh your pet before determining dose
  • Contact your vet immediately in case of adverse reaction
  • Keep away from reach of children and pets
Customer Reviews
Worthy Product

Worth every single penny. It works great for clearing all those worms in single treatment