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Fascinating Facts About Scottish Fold Cats

  Mar 06, 2020

Fascinating Facts About Scottish Fold Cats

The number of cat lovers is increasing every day as people are going gaga over the social media accounts of cats. Undoubtedly, cats are the most adorable creature to have in life but we have a certain group of people who don’t prefer cats because they find cats to be a bit dominating as compared to dogs. Well, there’s no room for comparison as both dog and cat possess their own flaws and strength. So, coming back to those who’re willing to adopt a cat but feeling a bit skeptical due to the cat’s nature, here’s what we have for them. From a variety of cat breeds, Scottish fold breed is surely not like any other breeds of cat. Beyond its folded ears and adorable appearance, we have a list of facts about Scottish Fold cat that pet-parents need to know. 

They Aren’t Born With Folded Ears

While folded ears are the unique feature of Scottish Fold cats, it can sound weird to know that they’re actually born with straight ears. The folded ears are caused later by a gene mutation that affects their cartilage. It’s a dominant gene, and that’s why most Scottish Fold cats tend to have folded ears. 

Possesses Anti-Cat Attitude

If pet-parents are in dilemma of adopting a cat or a dog due to the maintenance they require and the cat’s attitude then, Scottish Fold is the right pick. Scottish Fold possesses anti-cat attitude because they really love people. They are very affectionate and cute and tolerant. They don’t give you that cat-attitude when you look at it as a huge plus. 

Scottish Fold Cats Are Always In the Lazy Mode

It’s a universal fact that cats are connoisseurs of comfort. Cats generally are lazy or on energy-saving mode but Scottish Fold are genetically lazy and that’s why they’re so quiet and cute as it goes without saying. Scottish Fold is too lazy to even walk around but pet-parents wouldn’t mind carrying such a ball of fur. 

They Are Super-Friendly

 The Scottish Fold breed won’t go and hide in the corner or won’t react at all when patted by the people. Unlike other cat breeds, the Scottish Fold is the most social breed. The breed is very fine with other people and children which make a purrrfect family pet. 

Scottish Fold Comes In Many Colors

It’s exciting to see the same breed of a cat having different colors. Pet parents no more have to deal with similar-looking cats, as Scottish Fold cats can come in white, gray, tabby, orange and calico. Their fur and eye color can vary entirely.

The Only Thing They Need Care For Is-Tail

Scottish Fold cats’ tail comes with a handle with a care label. This breed of cat can often get arthritis or stiffness in their tail. Therefore, you need to immediately take your cat to the vet if you notice any stiffness in their tail. 

Requires Minimum Grooming

Cats are cleanliness freak and they keep cleaning themselves all day. But unlike other cats, Scottish Fold has very short hair so when they do their periodic self-grooming there’s not much left to clean. All it needs is basic grooming and an occasional visit to a groomer.

Well, no matter what breed your cats are and how adorable they are, it won’t matter to fleas and ticks. So, if you are willing to adopt a Scottish Fold cat, do not forget that even they can get easily infected by  fleas and ticks. Therefore, ensure to store in flea and tick preventives to protect your furry ball of cuteness protected from pesky parasites.

Fascinating Facts About Scottish Fold Cats

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Fascinating Facts About Scottish Fold Cats

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