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Is Your Cat Sick? Know The Signals



Cats are adept at hiding their illness and by the time the parents notice it, the disease already reaches the advanced state. Cats certainly are quite adept in hiding their illness. These creatures are very reserved and tend to silently endure the pain which makes it hard for the owners to notice those subtle signs when the illness just sets on. However, as cat parents, you must understand that cats aren’t loud like dogs and when they fall sick, they become silent and lazy. In fact, as the cats grow old, they have the disposition to fall sick frequently because of the metabolic changes that occur in their body. There are certain diseases that are most common amongst this species like - 

  • Renal Failure
  • Pancreatitis
  • Irritated Bowel Syndrome
  • Diabetes
  • Lymphoma
  • Hyperthyroidism

So, it is imperative to get the cat checked by the vet every 6 months to ensure he is in good health. In case you wonder how you would be able to gauge whether your kitty is sick or not, let us tell you that there are certain signs you can look for to figure out if he is unwell or has some trouble.

Reluctance To Eating

Though skipping a meal once in a while is perfectly normal, if the cat happens to lose interest in eating or has started avoiding meals on occasions, it is a sure signal that your cat is in some trouble. In fact, if the cat completely avoids eating and drinking it is a perfect indication of some serious illness.

Increased Appetite

At times you might find your kitty hogging on his food or drinks which may persuade you to think that she is in the pink of health. However, you may be wrong. Diseases like diabetes and hyperthyroidism are some common culprits that can cause increase the cat’s appetite which is not normal.

Foul Breath

Has your cat started smelling awfully stinky? It’s time that he needs a visit to the dentist. Oral infections like plaque and deposition of tartar can lead to foul breath in animals which must be addressed on priority as the bacterial infection can transfer to other organs as well. Kidney disease is assumingly another culprit of bad breath in cats and thus requires immediate attention.

Loss or Gain of Weight

When a cat is sick, he has the tendency to either eat more than his appetite or very less which causes changes in his weight as well. Thus if you see that your cat has recently put on or lost weight recently, it is better to get her checked as she could be having some illness.

Changes in Natural Excretion Process

Stools and urine can reveal a lot about a cat’s health. In case there is a change in the frequency or color of the urine, it may indicate urinary tract infection or kidney disease. Sometimes frequent urination is a sign of diabetes as well. Other than this, changes in stool color, volume or bowel movement also insinuate lower urinary tract infection. 

Eye/ Nose Discharge

Continuous discharge from the eyes or nose is not common in healthy cats. It may indicate an upper respiratory infection and can be accompanied by breathing issues in cats like shortness of breath or faster breathing.

Behavioral changes

One can easily notice behavioral changes in cats that are sick. They won’t groom themselves because of lethargy. Some of them also become quite aggressive even though they are normally amiable.

Other than these subtle symptoms, a disease can manifest itself through some obvious signs which signal emergency situations. In case you find your cat showing any of these, take professional aid immediately.

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Trouble Breathing
  • Extreme Pain
  • Crying loudly
  • Seizure
  • Imbalance
  • Loss of walking ability
  • Bleeding
  • Pale, white or blue gums
  • Collapse

Cats are fragile and they would silently endure the pain unless it is intolerable, thus, it is up to us to stay vigilant of their health and mark any and every change in their behavior or bodily functions. As a cat grows old, his immunity becomes weak and he becomes vulnerable to common ailments and attracts more parasites and viruses in the environment.

It is only with a healthy diet, good care and measures taken in advance (preventatives for parasites and vaccination) that we can keep our feline friends healthy and happy always. So, don’t forget to satiate all your cat demands if you would like your cat to stay lively and gullible as ever.

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