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Top 3 Eye Problems In Canine


It is very important to take care of your dog’s eyes. The recent surge in eye issues in dogs is a worrying trend. It has also raised a question mark over the fact that this aspect of pet’s health is somewhat neglected. Therefore, the need of the hour on part of all dog parents is to make themselves aware of the common eye issues, which a dog is vulnerable to. Here are the top three common eye problems in dogs, which needs urgent treatment when seen in dogs-


The most common eye problem seen in dogs is Cataract. Cataract is an eye condition, which leads to partial vision loss. The clouding of the lens in the eye gave birth to phenomena called Cataract. A progressive eye disease, that means pets that are, considered senior are more vulnerable to this condition. Cataract can catch younger dogs as well, owing to factors such as diabetes, poor nutrition, infection or injury. Cataract, if untreated can lead to blindness. A surgery then is the only option left with a dog parent to improve his pet’s vision.


Glaucoma is common eye problem in dogs as well as humans. The normal functioning of an eye depends upon the normal intraocular pressure of the eye. A fluid called Aqueous Humour properly maintains this pressure. If this same pressure increases within the eye, then it gives rise to what we call as Glaucoma. Symptoms include redness in the eye, clouding of the cornea, behavioral changes, etc. Glaucoma is serious eye problem as it is time sensitive. If not detected earlier, it can affect a pet’s vision, eventually leading to total blindness.

Corneal Ulcers

The skin protects a pet’s body from all kinds of hostilities including the ones posed by weather. Similarly, a transparent skin like tissue called cornea shields the eye of a dog or a human. If anything toxic makes contact with the cornea, it can prove to be dangerous for the eye. This eye condition in dogs is very painful for them. It can happen to a dog while playing in the grass, or due to eye’s contact with any toxic foreign object. A dog’s eye in such case appears reddish and thus demands urgent medical relief. A pet parent here in this regard should take his dog to the vet immediately and get his eyes treated.


The above eye problems are among the top most eye conditions, which a canine battles with. However, there are other eye issues in dogs, which if not attended can hamper your dog’s vision. The underlying thought here is to consult a vet. If you witness anything uncommon with regard to your pet’s eyes. Timely vet treatment will ensure your pooch’s eye health in top form. Use Kyron eyewash to clean dogs eyes.

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