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Respect Your Cat Day - A Day for Your Cat



Do you know about Respect Your Cat Day? It’s a day to celebrate with your kitty - your best friend. The origin dates back to March 28, 1384, when King Richard LLL issued an edict forbidding cats from being eaten. People over the entire world have come along in that regard but in some Asian countries, cats and dogs are treated like livestock, cruelly slaughtered and eaten.

Your kitty pal has been there when you were happy or sad. Your kitty is and always will be there for you. So, this March 28th acknowledge all the hard work your cat puts into being your loyal companion.

How To Celebrate Respect Your Cat Day?

  1. Spend Some Quality Time With Your Pet
Schedule some time with kitty. Go ahead; put it on your calendar. Our lives get so busy, but it’s definitely worth taking some time off for your kitty. It would definitely help build a strong bond with your best friend.
  1. Get Your Cat A New Cat Toy
Sometimes showing your love is as easy as refreshing that catnip mouse or getting a new scratching post to replace the old beat-up one. You know she will love it when you wave that ribbon wand around.
  1. Learn New Ways To Make Your Cat Happy
You knew that kitty likes a good scratch behind the ears, but did you know she also likes to play peek-a-boo with you behind the curtain? Find fun new games or places your kitty likes to be petted today, even if it takes a bit of experimentation. It’s all in service of letting your cat know he or she is loved.
  1. Feed Into Their Hunter Instincts
Cats love to stalk and hunt and pounce on either real prey, like mice or toys that play the role. Just watch your kitty go crazy swatting frantically at the wand toy or pouncing on that plush mouse. Let your hunter enjoy the chase by providing stimulating toys.

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