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Derma Creme for Small Animals

Rating: 4/5
Derma Creme for Small Animals
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Ichtho Vet Dermatology Cream for Small Animals

The Ichtho Vet Derma cream is a cortisone and antiseptic free cream for small animals. It is a moisturizing cream that is intended for use in dry, chapped, and flaky skin of small animals. It is also an oil-retaining cream that makes pet’s skin soft and supple. Moreover it enhances skin regeneration, and efficiently minimizes skin irritation in companion animals including dogs and cat.

Why To Use Derma Creme
  • Antiseptic and cortisone free derma cream
  • Moisturizes dry and flaky skin in companion animals
  • Retains skin oils to makes pet’s skin soft and supple
  • Aids ins skin irritation and itchiness
  • Safe to use daily
Usage Directions For Derma Creme
  • Gently remove dirt, dandruff or crusts on the affected skin
  • Ensure your small animal skin and coat is dried thoroughly before applying cream
  • If required trim long coats for better application
  • Apply Ichtho Vet small animal cream once or twice daily on the affected skin
  • Make use of gloves to avoid infection and to maintain hygiene
Derma Creme Protective Measures
  • Keep it out of reach of children
  • Store in cool dry place
  • Intended for use of animals only
  • Wash hands after use
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