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Dermaclens for Cats

Dermaclens for Cats

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Dermaclens for Cats

An antiseptic wound healing cream, Dermaclens for cats is mostly used for treating lesions, wounds, abrasions, burns and other dermatological conditions. The quick healing process of the cream cleans dead cells, dead tissues, and debris on the wounds and helps in the regeneration of the new tissues. The cream is safe and effective on cats with various skin conditions. The cream can also be used on dogs.

Dermaclens – An Antiseptic Wound Care Cream for Cats

The high-quality healing agents and ingredients, propionic acid 17.5 mg, propylene glycol 185 mg, malic acid 7.5 mg and small amounts of Benzoic acid salicylic acid treats the wound and also act as antiseptic agents. They help clean the dead cell and tissues and support the growth of new tissues. It forms a protective layer over the wound and prevents further infection or damage to the skin, Dermaclens heals faster without any side effects.


Propionic acid 17.5 mg, propylene glycol 185 mg, malic acid 7.5 mg and small amounts of Benzoic acid salicylic acid.

Usage Directions For Dermaclens
  • Clean the wound with cotton wool.
  • Apply a thin layer of the cream on the wound.
  • Spread the cream on the wounded surface 2 -3 times a day according to the seriousness of the wound.
  • In case of serious wounds, it is advised to contact your vet.
Why To Use Dermaclens
  • The odorless cream helps in faster regeneration of new tissues
  • It’s a vanishing based cream that efficiently heals numerous dermatological conditions including wounds, abrasions, and burns on cat’s body
  • It also removes necrotic tissue, coagulum, dead cells and debris from wounds
  • Safe to use on all species of cats
  • Dermaclens can also be used for dressing when bandaging wounds
Dermaclens Protective Measures
  • Keep away from direct reach of children and pets.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.
  • Wear gloves while treating with Dermaclens.
  • For external use only.


  • Dermaclens, if accidentally swallowed, can cause nausea, headaches and abdominal disturbances.
  • Rinse mouth with water, and give plenty of water or other fluids to drink, if swallowed.
  • DO NOT induce vomiting, and seek medical help immediately.
Customer Reviews
very impressed

This cream has worked wonders on my cat's skin and I can't recommend it enough.

Next order placed

We have two house cats. and both of them fight a lot having some bruises now nad then. I used to worry a lot about these rashes as I was not ready to use any strong treatments on them. However, dermaclens completely solved our problems.

best in market

Dermaclens is a splendid treatment!

good healing treatment

My naughty cat, Charlie always get into some trouble! but thankfully, I have this cream with me.