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Dermoscent BIO BALM for Dogs

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Dermoscent BIO BALM for Dogs
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Bio Balm for Dogs

Bio Balm is a moisturizing formula designed to treat and nourish dry nose and paw pads of dogs, and repairs thick, rough and cracking skin. It can also be used to soothe interdigital irritations and treat non-infected calluses. The balm contains organic-certified ingredients that are effective in all types of weather conditions. It helps protect paws from painful cracks caused by ice clumps in the snow, and from damage due to hot asphalt or sand in the summer.

Additionally, the water-resistant feature of the balm makes it ideal for active dogs participating in sports like swimming, canicross, agility, or sled dog racing, as it can help prevent small cuts and wear and tears on their paws.


Glycine Maz, Seed pil (Soyabeen oil extracts), Olus (Vegetable oil), Cetyl Palmitate (hexadecanoic acid and hexadecanol), Allantoin, Meacleuca Cajuput oil

Why To Use Dermoscent BIO BALM
  • Nourishes dog’s dry nose and paws
  • Repairs thick, rough, and cracked paw pads
  • Water resistant property makes efficient in several circumstances
  • Formulated with all organic ingredients
  • Soothes interdigital irritations.
  • Treats non-infected calluses
Usage Directions For Dermoscent BIO BALM
  • For dry nose and pads, non-infected calluses: Administer balm once or multiple times a day based on intensity.
  • For paw care: Administer on paws before and after you take your dog for outings.
Dermoscent BIO BALM Protective Measures
  • Keep it out of reach of children
  • Store in cool, dry place
  • Intended for animal use only
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