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Fleas and Ticks – A Nuisance for Pets and Their Treatments

  Oct 22, 2019

Fleas and Ticks – A Nuisance for Pets and Their Treatments

Fleas and ticks are deteriorating to the pet’s health. It’s a fact that everybody is aware of but they don’t really have an idea how these parasites actually become a problem even though there are a lot many treatments available in the market. Well, first of all, fleas and ticks thrive on animal blood and they can survive in all seasons sans the temperature changes. It is thus important to see what really makes them so sturdy.

What Makes Fleas and Ticks Survive in Adverse Conditions?

Fleas and ticks have 4 stages of the lifecycle where they can transform from eggs to full-grown adults. What makes them endure all the seasonal changes are their developmental stages?  Especially fleas, which have a stage called pupae. This form creates a cocoon on its body that doesn’t break or get affected by the temperature changes. Hence they survive even the hardest climatic conditions in this form.

Thus, it is important to make sure your pet is always protected from fleas as well as your house. Here are some of the best flea and tick treatments that can be used to prevent the infestation and keep your pet safe.

Frontline Plus is a topical treatment that removes complete flea infestation in 12 hours and lice in 48 hours.  This product is extremely effective against multiple ticks which include – American dog tick, deer tick, Lone star tick, and brown dog tick. Also, the product eliminates flea eggs and larvae thus halting their multiplication.

Nexgard Chewable is another monthly flea treatment that effectively removes fleas and ticks on pets. Its chewable form and beef flavor make it all the more preferable to pets. Moreover, these delicious chews are reliable for treating most of the tick-borne diseases.

Since both these products have been tried and tested by millions of customers and they have found good results, it is important that one must treat their pet with these two products. Other than that, it is also necessary to treat your house so that the juvenile forms of fleas and ticks don’t linger around in the house. Here is what you must do to keep your place parasite-free –

  • Vacuum your place every week.
  • Wash the bed sheets, pet’s beddings and belongings, etc
  • Trim the yard short to avoid rodent visits and litter that attract parasites.
  • Use flea and tick spray for treating your house
  • Make sure you spray your pet with flea and tick spray or make him wear a collar whenever you go out.

Fleas and ticks are certainly a nuisance and can recur if proper measures are not taken in advance. Hence, make sure you treat your pet well and keep your surroundings as clean as possible for a parasite-free living.

Fleas and Ticks – A Nuisance for Pets and Their Treatments

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Fleas and Ticks – A Nuisance for Pets and Their Treatments

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