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How to Celebrate Easter with Your Canine?



When you hear the word Easter, the first thing that comes to mind is Easter eggs. And while most Easter eggs are made up of chocolates, this does not mean your furry pal cannot be a part of all the extravaganza. As we all know that Easter is a lively and fun-filled festival, it is best celebrated with family and dogs too are our family, right?

So Easter is just around the corner and here’s how you can celebrate this joyous festival with your four-legged furry friend.

  • Dog-Friendly Easter egg Hunt – Plan an Easter egg hunt for your canine where all he has to do is sniff around to locate all the hidden treats. When planning for such an exciting event, make sure to follow your dog while he’s on the hunt for his own safety. Also, refrain from using plastic eggs as this may be harmful to your dog.
  • Deck Your Buddy Up – Perhaps your doggie may disagree, but who doesn’t want to dress up for a festival? I bet none! So what are you waiting for, go buy your pal an Easter special dress!
  • Customized Easter Basket – Easter baskets are an age-old tradition that is still followed today. Gifts are exchanged via an Easter basket as love is spread between families and friends. You can do the same for your furry pal too. Make a customized Easter basket for him and fill it up with delicious dog treats.
  • A Place At the Table – What is Easter without a full family dinner? Incomplete, right? Well, this year give a place to your buddy at the table so that the full family can have a heartwarming moment together.
  • Easter Picnic – Perhaps a nice lovely Easter picnic with your Fido is the way to go this Easter. April is the month where you normally have a pleasant climate, perfect for a picnic. What’s more, you get to spend some quality time with your sweet lil munchkin.
  • Special Easter Meal – There’s no better way to showcase your love to your canine pal than by preparing him a delicious meal. And since Easter is just around the corner, what better occasion to showcase your cooking skills as well as your immense love for him than on Easter! We’re sure he’ll love the special meal, no matter what.

Easter is a family occasion and since dogs are our family too, do not forget to include them in your Easter celebrations. We, at Pet Care Supplies, wish all dog parents and their furry buddies a very happy and safe Easter!


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