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Those 5 Hidden Secrets That Your Dog Can Disclose About You



For thousands of years, dogs have remained an important part of the human world. They have rooted their paws deep in our culture and history. Dogs are more intelligent and empathetic than what they get credit for. They can quickly sense your mood and intentions and act accordingly. One of the questions that have piqued curiosity among researchers and behaviorists is if a dog possesses a ‘Theory of Mind’ or not. Theory of mind implies self-awareness and the ability to understand that other individuals may possess information and agendas.

Let’s have an insight on how dogs read the subtle behavioral signals from their owners.

When You Don’t Like Someone 

It’s natural to have negative feeling for someone. You will be surprised to know that when you meet a person you don’t like your dog can sense a change in your breathing pattern, observe your body stiffen slightly, and even smell subtle pheromones your body emits. This change in your body language is a clear indication to your pet that you are not behaving as your natural self and there is definitely something fishy going on inside you that has created an impact on your pet’s behavior too.

Where You’ve Been

To our dogs, we humans are like sponges. They tend to pick up the smell from various organic compounds or places we walk by. So, if we have been to a supermarket, have had a smoke, or have been to a butcher shop, your dog will be able to smell and tell. A dog can pick 100 million times more subtle than the faintest smell we can pick up.

Your Diseases

Due to your dog's acute sense of smell and intuition they can detect certain types of cancers by smelling the chemicals that some cancer cells emit. The most common cancers detected by dogs are breast cancer and lung cancer. Certain studies have proved that dogs are 88 percent right in detecting breast cancer and 99 percent correct in detecting lung cancer.

Your Routine

Your dogs are quite fast at learning your routine. Every day they observe the activities you do and the sub-activities related to them. For example, they will know that you are headed out for work when you pick up your keys. They can also be sure that you are about to take him for a walk when you grab his leash.

If You’ve Had a Fight

Even if you don’t fight in front of your dog he can make out that you’ve been part of a fight. Your clipped tone of voice, stiffness in your sitting posture, or the agitated way you react to conditions are proofs that indicate that you’ve had a fight with someone. They also feel sick when they see you in such an agitated state of mind.

Dogs are masters at reading their owner's body language and emotions. They can even judge a person’s mood by just looking at their photograph. A study says that they are more like to approach a sad person than a person who is humming or talking. They are the most empathetic companions that we humans can have. They never judge and are always there for us in our dark times.

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