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Tick Season How To Survive It With Your Dog?

  Jun 08, 2021

Tick Season How To Survive It With Your Dog?

Ticks are the most common parasites that affect dogs and cause them to fall sick. And while there is no tick season (because ticks can be found all throughout the year), your pet pal needs to be well-protected in order to keep these pesky pests away. Thus, in this blog, we will shed a few tips for surviving the tick season (which is all year round).

Ticks; What Are They?

Most of you might have guessed it already, but ticks are eight-legged parasites that tend to feed on the blood of their host. There are more than 800 tick species in the world. But worry not, because not every tick species is found in America. Moreover, ticks are generally found on tall grasses and trees. They wait to latch onto something that passes through. Although ticks cannot jump or fly, they are regarded as quick climbers and can latch onto your dog without anyone noticing them. Thus, it is imperative to protect your buddy by putting them on a tick preventative schedule.

Tick-Borne Diseases

Ticks are quite dangerous and that is because they tend to spread tick-borne diseases, some of which can be extremely fatal. Some of the common diseases caused by tick bites are Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Tick Paralysis, etc. Symptoms of such diseases include fever, rashes, spotting, and difficulty in moving. If you notice these symptoms, rush your pet to the vet and get them checked immediately. Treating ticks at their initial stage is crucial and highly recommended.

How To Prepare For The Tick Season?

Preparations need to be top-notch, especially if you’re residing in a heavily tick-infested area. Certain things need to be done in order to protect your buddy and keep them safe, if and when the peak season of ticks arrive. Here’s how you can prepare yourself and your buddy for the tick season.

· Try and wear light-colored clothing as much as possible. This makes it easier to spot ticks that latch onto you. And you can quickly remove it before they are able to enter your dog’s body.

· Put your buddy on a tick preventative schedule. There are many tick products available in the market. If you are looking for good quality tick products for dogs, make sure to visit PetCareClub!

· Before the peak tick season sets in, get your lawn mowed or trimmed. As you know, ticks relish residing on tall and uncut grass. So yes, be sure to trim your lawn.

· Regularly wash your pet’s bed and beddings as well as their toys. Ticks tend to latch onto those things as well before entering your pet’s fur. So ensure to wash your pet’s belongings with warm water and soap.

· Bathe your pet regularly and make sure you run your fingers through their fur coat every other day. This helps in quickly finding out whether or not your buddy has the dreaded ticks. And if they do, you can treat it quickly.

How To Remove A Tick?

Ticks are creepy and crawly creatures. But what to do if you spot a tick on your dog’s fur? Well, first things first, do not panic. And secondly, do not use your bare hands to pull the tick out. To remove the tick, you can use a pair of tweezers or Frontline Pet Care Tick Remover. All you need to do is, place the tip of the tweezer or tick remover onto the tick and pluck it out. Do it gently because they are already latched onto your pet’s fur so it could hurt them if you pull it out rapidly. After plucking the tick out, make sure you place them in an alcohol-based solution so that they get drowned. Thereafter, dispose of it in the bin. Moreover, you can also bather your pet after removing the tick because you never know if there are more ticks present. Bathing your pet will help remaining ticks (if any), to unlatch themselves from your pet’s fur.

Summer is probably the peak season for ticks, but make sure you are well prepared all throughout the year. Only If you are well prepared, your buddy is safe and secure from these critters. So stay alert and do all the necessary things that are needed to keep your furry pals safe and out of harm’s way.

Tick Season How To Survive It With Your Dog?

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Tick Season How To Survive It With Your Dog?

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