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Dorwest Wheatgerm Oil Capsules for Dogs and Cats

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Dorwest Wheatgerm Oil Capsules for Dogs and Cats
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Dorwest Wheatgerm Oil Capsules For Dogs and Cats

Dorwest Wheatgerm Oil Capsules are made of wheatgerm oil, a naturally rich source of Vitamin E. This antioxidant removes free radicals, a by-product of everyday cell functions, from your pet’s body. These capsules are suitable for year-round use and help in keeping the skin and coat of your pet in good health. The vitamin E within is beneficial in maintaining fertility and healthy reproductive systems in female and male pets.

Dorwest capsules are safe to use on pregnant and lactating pets and can be used on pets from 8 weeks of age. The high level of vitamin E helps in reducing skin damage and supports in the formation of healthy collagen. Daily usage of these wheatgerm oil capsules keeps skin in good condition. The supplement also contains vitamins A, D, and B and fatty acids along with vitamin E.


Per capsule: wheatgerm oil 278mg, obtained from non-genetically modified sources; gelatin, glycerin

Why To Use Dorwest Wheatgerm Oil Capsules
  • Helps in the healthy functioning of skin, coat and the nervous system
  • Rich source of vitamin E
  • Contains antioxidants to remove the free radicals from the pet’s body
  • Helps in maintaining fertility and healthy reproductive system in both male and female pets
  • Keeps the female pets healthy and fit during breeding and pregnancy
  • Provides support to fetuses in keeping healthy
  • Naturally rich in vitamin E, free from genetically modified organisms
Usage Directions For Dorwest Wheatgerm Oil Capsules
  • Give only to pets above 8 weeks of age.
  • Use 1 capsule per 22lbs of the pet’s body weight daily.
  • Give all year round for healthy skin and coat.
  • Start giving 7 days before the planned mating day to both male and female pets.
  • Give double the amount a day before and on the day of mating to both male and female pets.
  • Keep giving the supplement to the female pet for three weeks after mating.
Dorwest Wheatgerm Oil Capsules Protective Measures
  • For animal use only.
  • Keep out of reach of children and pets.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Do not use along with Cod liver oil.
  • Always read the product label thoroughly before use.
Customer Reviews
Provides support to breeding pets

These capsules are really very helpful in supporting the health of breeding and pregnant pets.