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Effipro DUO Spot-On

Effipro DUO Spot-On for Cats

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Effipro DUO Spot-On for Cats

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Effipro DUO Spot-on Flea Treatment for Cats

Effipro DUO Spot-on is a potent topical treatment for cats. It kills adult fleas before they lay eggs and controls flea infestations. The spot-on solution also prevents tick infestations. By restricting the growth of flea eggs, Effipro DUO breaks flea life cycle and controls flea population and future flea infestation. The easy to use spot-on provides protection against flea infestation for 5 weeks. The unique formulation can also be used in treatment for flea allergy dermatitis. Effipro DUO eliminates 90% existing adult fleas and prevents recurring flea infestations. When used monthly, it offers 3 month protection against flea life cycle. The monthly spot-on is safe to use for cats and kittens above 10 weeks of age.

Effipro DUO Spot-on for Cats

Effipro DUO spot-on is an excellent treatment against mixed infestations due to fleas along with ticks. The topical solution contains of fipronil and pyriproxyfen. The adulticide and insect growth regulator work both on adult fleas and the immature stages of fleas. It disrupts the nerve cells of parasites and ultimately eliminates them without harming your cat. An advance treatment with Effipro DUO reduces gaps that may lead to residual flea problems.

Direction for use
  • Remove the pipette from the pack.
  • Hold the pipette in the upright position.
  • Break open the seal of the pipette along the scored line.
  • Part the pet’s fur at the base of the neck where your cat cannot reach until the skin is visible.
  • Place the tip of the pipette directly onto the skin and squeeze several times to empty the entire content at the spot.
Key Benefits
  • Highly affordable flea and tick treatment for cats
  • Controls fleas and flea infestation
  • Provides treatment against ticks (Ixodes ricinus and Rhipicephalus turanicus)
  • Also aids in the control of flea allergy dermatitis
  • One application offers persistent acaricidal efficacy for one week.
  • Do not eat, smoke or drink during application.
  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with skin and mouth.
  • Keep out reach of children and pets.
  • Do not apply the product on wounded or open skin.
  • Avoid using it in sick or debilitated cats.
couldn't get better

It was very exhausting to get rid of fleas until I found out this treatment. I love it and recommend it to everyone!

fantastic for cats

This product is a good option as a flea treatment for cats that you are unable to handle easily such as ferals. You just put it on fur and relax. It seems to work perfectly.

nice spot on

Effipro is a really good treatment and I recommend it to all other pet parents.