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Eliminall Spot On

Eliminall Spot-On Solution for Dogs

Eliminall is a potent topical solution that best suits for both dogs and puppies. It provides continuous protection against fleas, ticks and biting lice for a month. In addition to protection, it also prevents parasitic re-infestations i.e. 2 months against fleas and 1 month against ticks. The long lasting effects of the topical solution also ensure its use to control Flea Allergy Dermatitis.

Eliminall Spot-On

Eliminall Spot-on is a product of Pfizer, which is used against fleas and ticks. The active ingredient present in Eliminall is Fipronil. The insecticidal activity of the Fipronil protects the dog against infection from adult fleas for at least 8 weeks. The acaricidal activity protects against Ixodes Ricinus for up to 3 weeks and Rhipicephalus sanguineus and Dermacentor reticulates for up to 4 weeks.

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