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Ilium Oticlean

Ilium Oticlean – Skin and Ear Cleansing Solution for Dogs and Cats

Ilium Oticlean is an imperative ear cleansing solution for clean and odor less ears. It is a preventive treatment for Otitis externa, wounds and abrasions in dogs and cats. The topical application is highly beneficial when the hearing is impaired by the presence of necrotic tissue and helps remove debris or wax. The ear solution cleanses the ear wounds and aids in the faster regeneration of tissues. It is also helpful in treating superficial wounds and abrasions. Safe for dogs and cats, it is highly effective in keeping pet ears clean when used regularly.  

Ilium Oticlean for Dogs and Cats

Ilium Oticlean is a specially designed ear and skin cleansing solution for dogs and cats. Developed with Propylene glycol, malic acid, benzoic acid and salicylic acid, it cleanses pet ears gently eliminating excess wax, dirt, debris and dead tissues. When used on the regular basis, it aids in the healing process of ear infections, wounds and scratches. The clinically proven solution is easy to apply and prevents bacterial infection. The topical ear solution keeps pet ears dry and odor free. It is specifically used in adjunct with other ear and skin treatments for faster recovery.

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