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Medpet Premolt 5 for Cagebirds

Rating: 5/5
Medpet Premolt 5 for Cagebirds
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Premolt 5

Premolt 5 is a nutritional supplement designed for single-cage birds. The broad-spectrum water-soluble treatment helps to treat and prevent feather plucking. It is safe for molting birds. Premolt 5 helps in reducing stress and disease in birds. It is available in pack sizes of 100g and 300g.

Premolt 5 Treatments for Bird

Premolt 5 is a blend of unique ingredients that includes amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Amino acids are the component of protein that helps to strengthen feathers and bones. Vitamins and minerals maintain a good immune system and healthy feathers and eyes.


Amino Acid, Vitamin & Mineral

Why To Use Medpet Premolt 5
  • Highly effective for the overall health of birds.
  • Special formulation to use in the molting season.
  • Relieves the stress in the birds.
  • Treats and controls feather plucking.
  • Easy to dose, well-accepted water-soluble powder
  • Safe for all single-cage birds.
Usage Directions For Medpet Premolt 5
  • Follow the labeled direction on the product.
  • Add to drinking water three times per week is recommended for all birds.
  • In stress and molting or feather plucking season, Premolt 5 can be used daily with fresh drinking water.
  • For more assistance, refer to the product label.
Medpet Premolt 5 Protective Measures
  • Keep the product away from the children.
  • Store it in a cool and dry place.
  • For bird consumption only.
  • Wash hands immediately after administering the tablets.
Customer Reviews
Required Nutrition

Its a nutrition booster that fulfils my birdies need for staying healthy and active